Make No Mistake…

In my first month with R&B, I confessed to my manager that I was constantly afraid that I would mess something up.  Her response was very simply, “ you can’t mess anything up.”  Of course, I CAN mess things up, but the point was that I shouldn’t be afraid to.  

Daily, a chorus of “go easy on yourself, don’t worry about it, it takes 6 months to a year!” has been swirling around me.  Co-workers, leadership associates and others all tell me the same thing – it’s okay.  Of course, we strive not to make any mistakes, but as a new DA that’s impossible.  The sheer amount of information we have to learn and retain precludes us from being perfect out of the gate, no matter what our backgrounds.  I don’t want to give the impression that R&B is some kind of slipshod operation — it’s in fact the opposite.  Everyone here is a type-A, overachiever-perfectionist by nature, but R&B understands something that many companies don’t want to admit: mistakes are part of the learning process.

The focus here is not to do everything perfectly all the time, but to always strive to be better.  The difference is subtle, but significant.  Perfection is flat and unattainable, but working towards improvement is a dynamic pursuit; it keeps you engaged and unafraid.  Our company is growing and doing great business while still respecting its employees, customers and the environment.  To my mind this is in no small way attributable to R&B’s commitment to engaging in the struggle.  We are not perfect.  But everyday we try to make every facet of the company a little bit better.