Curtain Call

With the launch of our new custom window program, I’ve gone from basically never considering window treatments to thinking about them nonstop.  I have always been a fan of the bare window.  Why cover a view or dampen the light?  In the Dwell magazine houses of my dreams, glorious floor-to-ceiling windows marry the lush, unbridled landscape with the civilized, hard angles of modern design.  In the 1920’s walk-up of my reality, my windows graciously welcome passers-by to peep at the latest episode of True Blood.  As it turns out, window coverings are pretty practical. 

I have often overlooked the window treatments in a room, but now that they’re on my mind, I can’t stop noticing them.  I’ve been gathering images of window coverings; trying to create a mental flip-book of all the various possibilities.  Window treatments can completely transform a space — giving it a feeling of grandeur or camoflaging an awkward opening.  They soften hard edges and filter harsh light.  Our education process at R&B has exhaustively covered the functionality of solar panels and drapery interlining.  But it’s also turned me on to the aesthetic pleasures of a well-dressed window.  Just as with furnishing a room, furnishing a window requires some deft positioning of products and the right combination of materials.  When it all comes together, draperies or shades finish the space and add richness and dimension to the room.