New Kids on the Block

Just as the trees are beginning to shed their leaves, R&B is blossoming anew.  We’re introducing a slew of gorgeous, luxe accessories and limited addition artwork to compliment our assortment.  It’s been incredibly exciting to see the new pieces trickle in!  There are about 5 rugs that I NEED…nevermind that I live in a 3 room apartment.

At the same time, we’re training two newly hired Design Associates!  Both of them will ultimately land at other stores in our market, but for now they’re all ours.  Although I haven’t yet had the pleasure of training our newbies directly, their presence has caused me to reflect on my own education process.  It was only this side of September that things started to click.  After all the months of training, studying and memorizing, things are coming together in a cohesive way for me.  I learn something new everyday, but now I suddenly have the framework to contextualize all these bits of information. 

Having new colleagues  around has been rejuvenating.  Watching them begin the process reminds all of us of our own beginnings and why we’re still here.  The air is crackling with energy, the store is bright with color and fresh perspectives abound.  It must be fall!