A Peek at What’s to Come

This is a really fun time of year to be an ‘insider’ at Room & Board.  This is the time of year where we start to look forward at what’s to come, and get a peak at our following year’s assortment.  To me, this is like Vogue’s September issue, which magically sets up how the next year in fashion is going to shape up. I not only get excited about the new pieces that I love (which I secretly put on my internal ‘to-buy’ list), but also at the exciting solutions that I know that I will eventually be able to offer to my customers.

Most things won’t be available for purchase until the beginning of the New Year, but now is the time that each store starts to plan what we will show.  We have a team that includes our manager, our Visual Associate and our Retail Merchant, that comes together and decides what will not only appeal to our particular market and customer base, but what also will inspire them.  It’s exciting to see them craft our floor plan, which almost seems like putting a puzzle together (i.e. “what rug will go with this sofa, and have we showed this chair already?”).  This process takes about 3 months, but culminates in one over-night floor change, at which time our showroom is beautifully transformed.  And then the best part comes; we get to show and create rooms with these new pieces for our customers!