Very Special, Special Order

I love it when an inquiry sent to a vendor manager gets an answer the customer wants to hear!  Last week I met Julie, she has a large dining space and the optimal size table is 66″ square.  Room & Board does not stock tables that size, yet knowing we offer an extensive Custom Program, we went to a computer to see if we could get what she wants. When we discovered that all custom options topped out at 60″ square, I let Julie know that I’m one of those “it never hurts to ask people” and started asking questions about her choices in terms of finish and material.  All wood table or metal base with glass, laminate, stone or wood top?  (Based on customer’s responses you’ll know who to ask)

“Give us a little time and get exactly what you want” is a phrase mentioned frequently…

Looking forward to calling Julie tomorrow with two options based on what she wants!