Where Everybody Knows Your Name… And They’re Always Glad you Came!

One aspect about Room & Board that really surprised me when I first started was how many repeat customers we have.  We have customers who not only visit us every 10 years when they want to update a room with a new piece of furniture, but customers who I see if not weekly, almost monthly.   I am always amazed at how devoted and loyal customers are to our brand and store.  Besides the free coffee and cookies on  weekends, I think our showroom draws customers back with an environment that is both inspiring and welcoming.  The beauty of our showroom is that it shows customers how to complete their spaces, even if they are just visiting us to purchase a new sofa.  And it is why we purposely don’t just lump all of our sofas into one room.  We want customers to have fun while walking our showroom, and envision how they can use our pieces in their own homes. 

And as a Design Associate, it’s always fun to jump in wherever they are in the process, and help them create rooms and homes that they really love!    I love digging in and hearing what their life story is; maybe they just bought a new home and are starting a family, or maybe they moving from the suburbs to a downtown loft to enjoy their retirement.  This genuine interest in our customers, plus our passion for what we do, product expertise and design advice are just some of the things that help us build lasting relationships with customers.  And I really do know many of my customers by name, and they remember mine, too!