This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I love the focus on relationships with family and friends and the importance of community. We here in the DC store have evolved traditions over the 3 years since we’ve been open that have made this holiday even more meaningful to me.  On Sunday, we held our 3rd annual “Thanks Giving” dinner, to which family members are invited.  We lined up about six of our dining tables to make one gigantic table, decorated with trays of pomegranates and gourds from the sales floor.  The party was catered by Policy, a neighborhood restaurant, serving not traditional Thanksgiving fare, but roast beef, shrimp and grits, spanakopita, and more, augmented by a whole bunch of salads and sides brought by the many foodies on this staff.  And the desserts–please don’t even get me started! It was touching to see how we have grown and changed in these short years–more tables have been added for all the new faces.  We have several new babies, and a tag-loving toddler running around.

As we all know, the largest part of our days are spent at work.  So it better be meaningful, rewarding, and fun. Call me sentimental. At this holiday, I am aware that I have a retail job like no other: I have autonomy in my role, and I am able to pursue opportunities specific to my own interests–this blog, for example.  This is a sales job which, because of the quality and value of the merchandise, feels more like educating than selling.  This is progressive company with values that make me proud to work here.  But more than any of that, I am grateful for the extraordinary people who make up my work community.  Room and Board, I don’t know how you do it, but without exception you manage to hire eclectic, talented, capable, dedicated, fun-loving, and genuinely fine people.  It is a pleasure to know you all, and to work here. Thank you.