The Book

Oh my goodness…The Book. We have gone back to the drawing board and have totally recreated the look, feel–the very purpose–of the 2013 Catalogue, which premiers in just a few weeks. Get ready: The Book features editorial, lucious photography of heart-thumping room settings.  You will want to transport these cozy spaces directly into your home. We see a book spine up on the table; a just-settled-in pillow; an on open bottle of beer on a coaster. These rooms look stylish and lived in, as though someone had just gotten up to answer the door.  

For this new design, we went back to our foundations:  What is good design?  What role does it play in our lives? What does home mean to us, and how does good design contribute to that meaning?  The idea is to reflect the way people really live. The last 1/3 of The Book contains easy-to-navigate furniture guides with all the information a customer needs to make informed decisions. 

So check your mailboxes because The 2013 book is coming shortly, and believe me, it’s not to be missed. And then, my friends, you can fix yourself a cup of hot tea, sink into your sofa, flip through the pages, and dream.