On Giving Back

As we approach the end of the year and the holidays, one thing that we really focus on as a store and company is giving back to our communities.  I love that we can come together to reflect on our own successes for the year, but in turn help others who need our support.  Room & Board gives each store the opportunity to choose what type of organization to help, and so we are really able to build meaningful connections and relationships with our chosen community partners.  For Edina, we support a couple of organizations that provide housing to families and individuals in need.  Since our roles as Design Associates center around creating beautiful homes and spaces for our customers, this particular need is deeply felt among us, and is a reminder that not everyone has a place to call home.  To support these organizations, we do things such as drives for home goods, and seek out volunteer opportunities to also give them our time.  One of my favorite things that we do as a store is support a housing organization by having our customers donate their gently used furniture items at the time we deliver out their furniture.  We are able to collect and donate this furniture and give back to families who really need it.  And I love that we can partner with our customers to be a part of this outreach, too. 

Room & Board’s belief is that “we are only as vital as the communities in which we live and work,” and I am glad to be part of a company that is not only invested in me, but the community in which I live.  It is just one more way that I have meaning in the work that I do everyday.