Ring in the New

Today is The Big Day at Room & Board DC: Floor Change! It’s when we bring in the new product for the coming year. A convoy of tractor-trailers pulled up in the dead of night, under spotlights reminicent of a movie set, and teams of people begin rolling in all the furniture that will grace our showrooms in 2013. The whole thing is choreographed to a T, so that when our doors opened this morning, a bunch of gorgeous new sofas, plush rugs, and eye-popping chairs stood shining-new, each in its place. We will spend today adding the finishing touches, so that by the weekend, our customers will be treated to newness everywhere they look.

Floor change is like Christmas here. We get very excited to see the new product, and walk the showroom exclaiming and critiqueing each piece. This year, it’s Color. From the gold velvet Clarke sofa to the teal re-cover on the Boden chair, we have brought in saturated, lush colors that pop against the richly textured neutrals. My personal favs: a navy blue Andre sofa sits on the heart-stoppingly beautiful Heriz rug in ink and is paired with an ivory Eames lounge and ottoman and a Noguchi table. (Please, please, I want it!) On the fourth floor the Jackson sofa in Bison White sits on the Park Pure Cowhide Rug in front of an EcoSmart fireplace. (And yes, I want this room, too!)

Kudos to our DC showroom Visual Associates Angela and Lynne, who have designed each room down to the coffee table books and vases. And to all the behind-the-scenes workers who ordered the new product, tagged the furniture, organized all the new fabric. (You know who you are!) Today is The Big Day. Looking forward to the weekend to see how we wow the crowd.