Long Distance Relationships

Sometimes, you get a customer who stymies you with a question, and the sale hangs on the answer. Yesterday, it was: “I need to know the inside measurements for the drawers in all your dresser collections that come in the shell finish.” He wanted the deepest (in height) drawers we had. Okay. So. The website didn’t have that information, and I was unable to locate it in our intranet “encylopedia,” we call “Worklife.” Running around all four floors of our showroom with a tape measure did not seem practical, especially since we just had floor-change and we’re still trying to learn the new locations of all the furniture.

That’s when I reached out to the wonderful Design Associates at Shop From Home, which is located within our Central Office in Golden Valley, Minnesota. When we are busy here in the store, I know their phones are most likely ringing off the hook. Never the less, there they are, cheerfully ready to dig in and find the answer to the most esoteric questions. It took no time at all: They have a catalogue marked up with just this kind of information. I was able to tell my customer that the dresser in shell with the deepest drawers is the Calvin, coming in at 8″ deep. I was grateful (and relieved). My customer was pleased. And another bedroom will be furnished handsomely by Room and Board!