Hey There Handsome!

New products are on the floor, new fabrics are on the frames, and our showroom has been completely ravamped! January proved to be a thrilling month full of exciting new developments. Hits of color have been threaded throughout the showroom and gorgeous new products have taken up residence among some old classics.

Even though fresh pieces have amped up our selection, what I’m most inspired by are the recovers — I like to think of them as wardrobe changes — and I’m fascinated by the transformative powers of upholstery. Just as a well cut pair of jeans can make you look gamine, the right fabric can elevate a frame and change the way we interpret a sofa or chair. Ian is one of the most stunning examples. While it’s a cozy family room sofa with a clean, modern edge in the Vessel — the Dakota is like a great smokey eye — it takes Ian from day to night (or family to living room). In Dakota, the Ian feels much more at home in a high end environment. There’s something about the textured weave and subtle tonal variation that emphasizes Ian’s tight back and takes it to a new level of tailored sophistication.

In the new year, I’m finding myself much more strategic in my custom upholstery pairings, and I’m sure the more metamorphoses I witness, the better I’ll be at imagining them for my customers. It’s amazing the tremendous impact such a simple change can have.