An Affair to Remember…

Shortly after submitting my application to R&B, I was confronted with an unsettling feeling of hesitation. Although I loved interior design — my bowing bookshelves could attest — for me it had long been a kind of escape from the banality of daily apartment-living. I would retreat into my dream rooms; meditate on chair placement and pattern-mixing. The thought of doing this day in and day out, though thrilling, also scared me a little. What if I grew tired of the thing that had heretofore brought me so much pleasure? What if I only really like interior design from afar, safely locked on the glossy pages of a magazine?

I had some pause about wading through home furnishings EVERY SINGLE DAY. I was concerned that faced with my favorite past time for hours on end, I would lose interest; find myself fantasizing about accounting or international banking.

Thankfully, my fears were unfounded. As I’ve dug deeper into the details of design — the materials, the construction, the strategy – and as I continue to engage with others on the subject of my passion — both clients and colleagues, my capacity to love it only seems to expand. What was once a playful flirtation has blossomed into a full-blown love affair. It’s such a relief.