The Shape of Things to Come

If you were a fly on the wall for the past few weeks, you would have heard Design Associates (DAs) and Leadership Associates talking about our “Priorities & Measures,” or “P&Ms,” for short. These are meetings each DA has with of the Leadership Team to discuss the personal goals we are setting for the coming year. These goals actually start with the broader corporate goals set forth by our Central Office and give shape to the priorities for us at the market and store levels. As individuals, we decide how our personal goals contribute to the whole and determine how we will quantitatively measure our success.

P&Ms are driven by the individual and are specific to his or her unique interests and opportunities for and growth. For instance, because I am especially interested in floor planning and design, on my P&Ms, I have included that I want to work with our Visual and Brand teams to help design models for rental and condo units being built in our neighborhood. I want to obtain 9s and 10s on Tell Us What You Think, our customer satisfaction survey. And I want to engage as a mentor to new hires or to other Design Associates who want to gain confidence in floor planning and design. Someone else’s P&Ms will look entirely different. In the summer, we meet again to see how we are progressing towards our goals.

Most people, not knowing what to expect, feel a bit apprehensive going into their first P&Ms, but, honestly, they are productive, enjoyable chats with our Leadership Associates that help give focus and direction to the coming year. It’s a meaningful way for each of us to measure our progress and to develop our skills and abilities.