Finding Your Place

We are super excited and lucky to be welcoming a new member to our team this week! Having new energy and fresh perspectives is always revitalizing, and I think everyone is grateful to have the additional support. In our first morning meeting with the newbie, we reflected on the tremendous diversity within our small team (and no doubt, company-wide). There is incredible variety in the background and talents of each Design Associate and Leadership partner, making for a truly dynamic and well-rounded community.

During our Priorities and Measures, a kind of bi-annual check-up where we review our successes and the areas where we have opportunity to grow, we were each given a book about locating and leveraging our strengths. In addition to the information contained in the book, there’s a strengths assessment we can take online, which will help us determine where our innate talents lie. I was really moved by this gesture. It’s remarkable that I work for a company that encourages me to capitalize on what makes me unique, rather than asking me to fit into a mold.

Even though I’ve only been here a year, I already have my hands in a number of different areas of the business — from the Career Blog to the Design Center to the Bedding department to ordering office supplies. In each of these spheres I’m able to utilize different strengths and challenge myself in new ways. I have been given a lot of opportunity to try things out and discover what resonates with me. Everyone brings something different to the table and each of us has the same opportunity to make our mark on Room&Board. Finding our place takes time, but the value of feeling connected to your work and authentic in your career is well worth the trial and error.