Our morning meetings…….

At the Edina store we have an education topic for the week which we discuss in the morning before the store opens. We try to delve more deeply in to topics pertinent to our job as a design associate.

We have a new custom window program and we all need to visit and revisit the options in order to become versed in talking about it confidently. We had representatives from The Shade Store [our partner in the program] come to do a direct training with us a couple of weeks ago. We reviewed multiple scenarios and discussed the many possibilites for window treatments. This was a design oriented training.

The next week we followed up on this training using customer scenarios in order to get some hands on experience with solutions that might come up in the store. We utilize our morning meetings every week to stay close to the issues that can arise working so closely with our customers. We are set up for success. This is also a great time to connect as a group. It also gives us the opportunity to raise questions and answers for our daily use.