Good Help is Hard to Find!

I work with a lot of people. 16, to be exact — and that doesn’t include all of the folks with whom I communicate company-wide.

Before coming to R&B I had never worked within a large team. I had always been part of a small, intimate group of 3 or 4 people. I enjoy developing those close working-relationships and the feeling of familiarity that comes with it. A large group can be intimidating. There are so many personalities to navigate; so much potential for communication missteps! But there’s also so much more support than I’ve ever experienced.

I can be confident that when I leave the building my customers are getting the same level of service I would give them. I know that if one of my clients calls with a question or a problem, someone will step up on my behalf to help them out, and they know that I trust them to use their best judgment as to how to handle any situation. This allows for a seamless interaction with our customers; and it’s frankly just an incredible relief

There’s a strong sense of connection that grows out of solving problems together and kicking around ideas, partnering on projects and even just venting when we’re having a rough day It’s a great comfort just knowing that whether I’m on or off the floor, I’m not alone. Thankfully, after a year I do feel like I’m part of a big, noisy family.