Phone Shift

On certain days it can seem that the phone never stops ringing in the San Francisco showroom. We conduct a lot of business on the phone. Customers are calling with all kinds of questions, to check stock availability, purchase furniture, schedule deliveries, convert quotes into sales, report issues for service notifications, etc. In order to catch most of these calls and keep the showroom floor a little more peaceful, we have a dedicated phone shift. About 1-2 times a month, you’re assigned a phone shift. We have a dedicated phone room, off the floor, where you answer incoming calls (within the first 3 rings). If the phone is not answered within 4 rings, it then rings on the showroom floor for another Design Associate to pick-up. We are all considered phone back-ups. Basically, if you hear the phone ringing and you are not with a customer, answer it! Monday’s are certainly one of the busiest phone shift days, since we usually have about 500 customers coming in on the weekend, there’s a lot of follow-up and calls coming in as a result.