Customer Satisfaction

My day started with a customer who went to pick up their counter stools and discovered they were the wrong height. She had wanted the bar stools. She was returning the wrong stool to the store and we typically do not accept furniture returns at the store. In this case, we allowed the return.

When the day begins with someone who is not completely satisfied it is critical for me to find a way to ensure the energy of the day continues positively. Usually, it is a positive customer experience that will pull me back to my balanced, upbeat self. I had customers waiting for me so I was able to make that leap quickly. I had been helping my next customers since last fall. They moved in to a beautiful home with sweeping views and panoramic windows and angles that created a very interesting floor plan. I worked hard to find the right layout for their furniture as the angles made for a very tricky configuration. It took a few months before they were ready to order some new pieces for their new home.

When they came in to the store on Saturday we looked at a number of things including Dining and Outdoor. They had very clear ideas about what they wanted which made it an easy process. It was fun, upbeat and very creative as she was comfortable trying combinations that were unexpected. She taught me a few things that day. By asking questions and offering possible solutions we found exactly what they wanted. The experience was fun and satisfying because it lead to a pleasant exchange that ended with all of us being happy. In the course of any one day our exchanges reflect a huge variety of interactions and we have to be flexible and able to move comfortably with whatever situation we encounter. The satisfaction comes when we have successfully helped customers with whatever they need.