Long-term Relationships

I have a Paul McCobb coffee table I triumphantly scored on Craigslist. It’s made of formica. A humble material, yes, but I love this coffee table. It is quietly dignified in its simple form and utter functionality. But more than that, I love that this piece is imbued with a history. It belongs to a larger context of middle 20th century designers – and more specifically, Chicago designers. And now it has pride of place in the center of my Chicago home. The intersection of history and design and context adds so much depth to my space. It enriches the most mundane of activities that take place on and around this little formica table.

Walking the Room & Board showroom can be like strolling the pages of Architectural Digest. Even now, I’m a little star-struck by the all the Eames chairs and Noguchi cocktail tables around here. We’re not designer-heavy, but we do have a well edited assortment of iconic design that perfectly punctuates our handcrafted, classic modern assortment. All of our pieces have the strength of integrity, whether they are rooted in the history of our collective design memory, or waiting to absorb the vibrations of our personal histories-in-the-making — these pieces will become heirlooms.