How We Become Great Collaborators

When I first decided to participate in writing a blog, I was a little concerned I would have trouble finding things to talk about. So far, it has all fallen in my lap. At Room and Board we stay in close connection with other aspects of our business so that the customer experience is as good as can be. We are the Flagship Store and in close proximity to our Corporate Headquarters.

Today, we had a meeting with two of our Associates from our Service Department. When we communicate with other departments about what our jobs looks like and what some of our obstacles are, we end up being amazing collaborators. We know how to help each other find the best possible solutions for great customer service. These meetings connect us as a team and show us the depth of our given responsibilities. We can put the name with the face and suddenly it becomes personal.

We try to have these meetings with our partners at Corporate often. Soon we will meet with the Web team to understand what is entailed with the future changes coming. We have hosted our Delivery team, Shop from Home, Merchandise Quality, Vendor Managers and the Accessory Team. It all creates an atmosphere of openness, collaboration and tremendous team effort.