One of the best things about being at Room and Board for 16 years is the potential to be reunited with old customers. It often happens to me that I get so deeply involved with my customers that when the process is all over it can feel “empty”. I often tell people to come back and visit or send lots of photos of their new space.

Through the years I have been lucky enough to help customers who are back for their 2nd round of furniture. Often they are looking to “reinvent” themselves by going for a much more contemporary look. In many cases I remember a little something about what they ordered originally. Last weekend I remet a couple who had purchased from me 13 years ago! It was a chance encounter as our store is huge (50,000 square feet) and I just happened to be at the front door area. We both remembered each other and reengaged immediately. Of coarse, 13 years can involve a lot of living and we exchanged stories for a couple of hours as they looked at the pieces they were interested in. It was great and truly one of the moments that ignite my spirit. It’s all in the coarse of a day that can bring some tremendous rewards.