Layer It On Me!

Composing a room is much more than choosing the right furniture. Sure, the sofas, chairs and tables are integral to creating a functional and inviting space — they’re the foundational pieces that set the stage. But the details give a home soul. Paint, rugs, lighting, pillows, artwork and accessories, accent pieces and window treatments (!!) are like the actors on that stage — they give a space presence. Layers of colors, textures and shapes in a room create depth and dimension — just like layers of paint on a canvas.

I love to watch the slow evolution of a space, and I get to see that process daily at Room & Board. Our amazing visual associate is constantly tweaking, remixing and reimagining our showroom. We try to infuse life into every room setting — whether it’s in our showroom or our catalogue — flowers bloom from our pottery, frames hold thoughtfully chosen images that reflect the mood of the room.

I always tell my clients that pulling together a house takes time. You can do a lot at once, but as you live with a room, it will start talking to you. Your sofa will ask for pillows, a wall will cry out for some artwork, a dark corner will yearn for illumination, and over time, your rooms will develop the rich patina of a well-loved home.