Vendor Education

We have regular education topics at Room & Board and frequent visits from our vendors. We have just introduced a new company called Humanscale adding 2 new ergonomic office chairs, 2 new lights and a table that adjusts up and down. Our education today was about these new products and how to speak to what makes them great for our stores.

One of the people who came to speak to us has a Masters degree in ergonomics. She spoke to the significance of sitting in a chair that is supportive in a most natural way for the body. She spoke to the need to keep our bodies moving in a variety of positions throughout the day. While the price of a chair is not inexpensive, it became more obvious to me that it is a health issue to find a chair that is “good” for you. They stressed the importance of making your “tools” adjust to you rather than the other way around.

Whenever we have a live vendor education training I feel it is so much easier to sell the product. The association with the people, the product, the visual all contribute to a rich story we have to tell our customers about what they are purchasing.