A Little Grain in the Stain!

I was just straightening up the showroom when I was stopped dead in my tracks by the gorgeous honey-hued highlights in a Walnut Moro cabinet. The wild play of lights and darks and swirling grain pattern of our natural wood furniture makes me drool (and wish for a really good hair-colorist). The look isn’t for everyone, there’s a lot of variation and unique character to each individual piece, but I think that adds a level of depth that simply cannot be achieved with a perfectly uniform stain. Even our stains are sheer enough to subtly reveal the quality of the material beneath. A little grain beneath the stain lends integrity to a table or bookshelf; it looks like what it’s made of!

Room & Board’s aesthetic is decidedly modern, but we let the natural characteristics of our materials shine. I love that juxtaposition of clean, modern lines and gorgeous natural materials. Adding something earthy into the material mix can give a steely modern room a feeling of stability and rootedness.