What are the Chances?

I really enjoy meeting people from different parts of the world. About a year ago I helped a woman from Italy and we had an instant connection. My husband is a chef and for many years we have led Food and Wine trips to Umbria. We started chatting about her home in Modena [famous for their balsamic vinegar] and had a lively conversation. She bought some bookcases and all was well.

About three weeks ago I went with my husband to meet his doctor because he is going to help her teach some cooking classes and help write a Mediterranean cookbook from the classes. We met for dinner and about ten minutes in to our meeting his doctor recognized me and put 2 and 2 together and realized we had met at Room and Board a year ago. It was my Italian customer who bought bookcases from me. The people I meet and the connections I make doing my job never cease to amaze me. I love that it is so much more than selling a bookcase.