Benefits of the Job

Since I have been with Room and Board almost 16 years I have 4 weeks of vacation. This coming week we are going to Italy for our Italian Daughter’s wedding. It will be a real vacation for us, as we take people to Italy for food, wine and culture tours at least once a year. This trip will be our own to enjoy. My job truly allows me the time and space to do this outside of my work life.

We have been doing the tours since 1999. It is how we met Patrizia, whose mother wanted her daughter to experience a different culture and learn a new language. She lived with us for 2 wonderful years and it is her wedding we are attending. I will also be returning in November with 11 guests for our tour.

I am always grateful for the opportunity to have these rich experiences outside of my work life. I come back to the store with energy and enthusiasm because I was able to have this experience away from my work.