Packed to the Gills!

The days are never dull here at Room & Board. You have to be light on your feet and ready to shift gears at a moment’s notice. I thought I’d give you a little peak at at typical day on the showroom floor:

I get in, chat with my colleagues, pour myself a cup of tea and participate in the morning meeting. We go over numbers, talk about what pieces are selling, look at trends and give customer feedback on fabrics, the catalog and the breadth of our offering. Then it’s lights on, computers booted up, outdoor furniture set up, showroom recovery — tighten some beds, fluff a few pillows. We swap out old laptops with those that have been charging overnight, set up the coffee bar for our patrons, load the dishwasher and give the breakroom a quick post-meeting clean. All this and we haven’t even opened!

When the first customer walks through the door, the floodgates are open. Every 10-45 minutes (depending on how busy we are) I’m engaging with customers on the floor. In between, I’m answering the phones, fielding questions, responding to emails, following up with any customers to recently take delivery, inquiring with vendor managers, the distribution center, and the service department about repairs, delivery concerns, special circumstances, and in depth questions about construction. I restock all of the pods and printers with supplies and new paper, restock catalogs and water. I take inventory of our office and janitorial stock, do a little pricing research and order supplies. There’s product I need to ship out UPS and now I’m writing a blog post, once I finish — it’s time for lunch.

After lunch, there will be more emails and customer inquiries, working with clients as they come in, answering the phone and cleaning the showroom. I have a couple of floorplans to put together for my clients and a conference call at 2pm. I have to update the bedding inventory spreadsheet according the changes made during the inventory cycle. When 5:30 rolls around, I’ll be perplexed — how did this happen? To tell you the truth — I’m beat, but I love feeling so productive!