Our Dress Code

In a former life, I worked as the Interior Design Manager at a high-end department store that had a large furniture department. This store had a very strict dress code: Men wore dark gray or black suits, women black dresses or suits; any belt had to be black with a polished silver buckle. Now, black suits are not really my style, and I always felt like I was wearing a uniform. So when I was applying to work at Room & Board, after my previous experience, dressing in clothes that felt natural to me and reflect my personality mattered a great deal. I was curious to know about the company “dress code.”

I was happy to learn that at R&B, we are free–within reason–to express ourselves. Having worked here now for 3 1/2 years, the very idea of a formal code–for anything!–seems as foreign as a wool suit in summer. We are here to sell, among other obvious things, creativity, often reflected in how we dress. You will see a wider variety of styles than you might expect, or see at other places. For instance, David B. likes to wear vintage sneakers with gingham button-down shirt. He says he is inspired by our mid-century aesthetic. Lauren has a sophisticated, cutting-edge flair. Nora goes for bold colors; Judi big rings, scarves and bangles. Some of us follow trends, some don’t. And I’d say that as a group, we tend to step it up on the weekends.

So the answer to the question, “What should I wear?” is: You will be asked to use good judgment and to be yourself, remembering that our attire matters. We need to dress to the quality and taste-level of the furniture we sell. As brand ambassadors for our company, we reflect the company’s standards and culture, and help create the customer’s impression. Beyond that, it’s pretty much all up to you.