Design Associate Dashboard

Every month the Design Associate (DA) Dashboard is updated to show how your efforts and actions have played out. You may look at your efforts year-to date in the following key measures:

• Written Sales – You can see how much you sold and where you stand in regards to your individual sales plan.
• Entered By -The number of orders you have entered for your colleagues, i.e. quote conversions.
• Email Opt-In – The % of customers that you have opted-in to receive email communication from Room & Board.
• TUWYT Results – Room & Board sends an survey email to customers after they receive delivery called “Tell Us What You Think”. Here you can see the breakdown of how you’ve been rated by customers. You want to have more 9/10 results than 7/8 or 6 or below. You may also see occasional comments from customers regarding their shopping experience with you.
• Returns – This measure shows the % (dollars) of returns to your total written sales.
• Accomodations – This percentage measure shows your percentage of accomodations (anytime we give credit to customer, i.e. free delivery due to delayed product) of your total written sales.
• DA Notes – This is a self-driven measure where you may record your role in other’s sales, for example if you do a quote for our Business Interiors division and it becomes a sale, you can note it here.

Being able to keep tabs on your measures every month allows you to see areas of opportunity and your success.