Secondary Jobs for Design Associates

This has been another busy week with customer assistance, training with new employees and peer interviews with potential candidates for a new Design Associate.

My secondary job involves training new employees and fabric ordering and maintenance. This week I was involved in both these realms as we are in the final week of training 2 new employees for Shop From Home and Business Interiors. On Thursday we trained on fabric and leather education. There is a lot of detail to be learned but I wanted to emphasize that our collection has been created to accommodate our customers modern needs. That means they want fabric that is durable, easy to maintain and comfortable because so many of our customers have children and pets. Our fabric collection is geared toward options that appeal to a wide cross section of our customer base. We have plenty of neutrals, with shades of gray being particularly popular, color and some pattern.

Part of our job is to help our customers find the perfect fabric for their home and their particular style. For the past 4 weeks we have tried to convey all the nuances of our job as Design Associates. We always make sure new employees have a thorough training so we can help them be very successful.