Good People are Hard to Find!

I’ve written more than once about the AMAZING, supportive, creative and inspiring people with whom I get to work everyday, but I think it’s important to note that the caliber of the company I keep here at Room & Board is no accident.

Room & Board takes an impressively thoughtful approach to hiring. Everyone who works here has a story to tell about landing their job. Some of us courted our roles, others were recruited — sought out for our particular brand of awesome. But whatever the means of getting one foot in the door, they were just the first of many steps that would lead us over the threshold.

After the initial crush phase, when we realized we were interested in Room & Board and were drawing little Room & Board’s and hearts all over our organizers, there were many, many interviews. The interview process involves numerous conversations with a variety of people, from human resources, to leadership to potential peers. Over the course of these exchanges, a more complete picture of both applicant and company emerges — allowing both parties to make an informed decision.

Room & Board tries to take a holistic view of each applicant — time consuming? Yes. But the result is a stunning array of individuals who are committed to the company and to each other.