The Many Ways We Can Help

We try to help our customers in so many ways. Today I had a call from a customer inquiring about replacing the seats on her dining chairs and bar stools from 2003. Her chairs were discontinued a few years ago and the item did not appear on a list I have access to. We always have channels of communication beyond what we can find ourselves.

In this case I have sent out a general inquiry to see if we can help her with the replacement. I gave her the manufacturers name and she’ll do her own inquiry. When customers call for assistance and we answer the phone it is part of our job to help as deeply as possible and follow up on the inquiry. We get a huge variety of questions and problems and we are often successful in helping our customers.

After 16 years I am amazed at the variety of questions that have never come up before. Part of job satisfaction comes with being able to help solve these problems in a timely manner.