Coming to a Room & Board Near You!

One of the many things that separates Room & Board from other home furnishing companies is our strong vendor partnerships. Rather than “diversifying” and farming out the manufacturing of our products to a variety of overseas companies, we work closely with a handful of domestic and foreign manufacturers with whom we’ve built long-lasting relationships over the years. These relationships allow for an intimate and ongoing exchange of ideas and practices. We’re in the loop — we know who’s making what and how they’re doing it.

Vendor visits, as we call them, are integral to that partnership and allow everyone who works with Room & Board to engage face to face with human the beings behind our furniture. Throughout the year, vendors pop in to visit the showroom and lively discussions always ensue: we get a chance to ask our very specific questions (how exactly do you employ sustainable forestry practices?), gain insight into the nuts and bolts of construction, and in the process, develop genuine connections to both the people and the pieces they make.