Beautifying the Store

Room and Board never spares any expense to update and transform our showroom to reflect the newest ideas in home design.

A few weeks ago our Design Team worked hard to present a highly frequented part of our showroom with new inspiration for kids and tweens. Now, we are under construction to present an innovative “marketplace” concept for our accessories and home accents including bedding, pillows and rugs. We want our customers to feel comfortable shopping this aspect of our business.

Our showroom is set up for inspiration, reflecting a variety of possibilities when putting one’s home together. The “marketplace” concept will help customers complete their home with a total and finished look. Being the Flagship store we are testing this new presentation which will either be utilized in other markets or not. We have torn out floors and walls to present the newest and most beautiful ideas for presenting our product.

These changes take time and some disruption but the end result always makes me proud to work in such a beautiful showroom.