A Day in the Life…..

We are getting closer to having our new accessory Marketplace unveiled for the general public. The new floors are beautiful and the displays will be a unique approach to shopping our accessories. All this construction has been happening while doing our regular business. Customers don’t seem to be too ruffled as they navigate through loud construction and changes to our showroom.

Today I was happy to assist a designer as she worked with her clients. She admitted to me that she does kitchens, baths and office but has a difficult time with living spaces. So, we became a good team with her clients who are transitioning from a traditional room to a more contemporary look. We were both surprised to find that they were attracted to styles that were very contemporary rather than transitional. It made the flow so easy as they were confident in what they liked. It was a 3 hour interaction that covered a sofa, 4 chairs, a rug and accent tables for 2 rooms.

When we have the opportunity to get more deeply involved in a project we are very happy. These customers will probably order in the next couple of weeks as their remodel isn’t quite ready. We have also been training 3 new employees and it is this kind of interaction we hope to share with them.