Cracking the Code!

At this morning’s meeting we took a look at our Market Scorecard. The scorecard is just a summary of metrics — it gives us a wide-angle view of the business by breaking down all the numbers. Sound dry? I thought so too, but it’s actually incredibly illuminating!

I’m not a numbers person (they scare me), but this isn’t like 6th grade math class. The scorecard gives us a jumping off point from which we can deep sea dive into the stuff of our day to day and tease out the significance of our work.

Our spirited discussion on this topic got me thinking about Room & Board’s commitment to transparency. All the financial numbers are accessible to any of us. We put it all out on the table and invite open dialogue. These conversations lead to insights galore and allow each of us, whatever our role, to understand how our individual contributions effect the big picture. Room & Board keeps us out of the dark so we can stay in the black!