Those Who Can — Teach!

We recently welcomed some new talent to the Skokie team! For a few action-packed weeks each of us has had the opportunity to participate in the training process – a month-long intensive acclimation period of one-on-one sessions, supplemented by shadowing and self-directed study.

Working with our newbie is taking me back to my own beginnings at Room & Board. When I was just a fledgling Design Associate, I ended each new day exhilarated and exhausted. At night, my mind would be abuzz with the surplus of specifics I was trying to absorb; Anders, Andre, Addison – the names of our pieces orbiting my head like little cartoon canaries. Truthfully, I was scared out of my wits! But here I am, a year and a half later, confidently navigating the finer points of SAP and rattling off the names of our furniture like they were the names of my children.

It’s unusual for a company to enlist every employee in new-hire training. So often this sort of thing is relegated to higher-up management types. But at Room & Board, every one of us is empowered to teach what we know and to learn from one another. There’s always so much more to learn, but I’m certain I can attribute much of the expertise I’m gaining to the collabortive environment at Room & Board. To my mind there is no better way to assimilate information than to teach it to someone else!