A Tale of Two Bennetts

When you work with the public, your days are endlessly surprising. At every turn, you’re introduced to new people, new stories unfold and you become entangled in the web of someone’s life. Our homes tell the story of our lives, and I love knowing our beautiful furniture gets to play a part in that narrative.

We don’t have caller ID — so when I answer the phone, I have no idea what kind of situation I will be plunged into. Sometimes, it’s a challenge that awaits me, and other times — like today — it’s a love story. The man on the other end of the line just needed some routine information. After I located it, we chatted briefly about how he was liking his furniture and he told me the following: A little over a year ago, he fell in love with our Bennett pieces and bought a whole bedroom suite from the collection. Shortly thereafter, he met a girl. They fell in love and he soon discovered that she, too, had the Bennett bedroom collection. Now they are engaged and will soon unite their little Bennett family in matrimony.

How cute is that?