Personal Shopper

During my last round of vacation, my husband and I stopped into Room & Board to check out some sofas (I just can’t stay away!). Our pairing poses a common problem of both scale (he’s twice my size) and taste (mine’s better), so I knew landing on sofa we could both love would be challenging. I came to the table ready to extol the virtues of clean lines and leggy frames, hoping that if he just spent some quality time with my favorites, he would come to see their superiority. He was a sport, awkwardly perched on my tiny sofas, and I tried my best not to make gagging sounds at his suggestions. Suffice to say, we just couldn’t agree.

Finally I had to relinquish my desire for trim lady-like seating and consider a more substantial option. In the end, we both fell in love with the Hayes — which he finds comfortable and I find beautiful (see, there’s a Room & Board sofa for everyone!).

Shopping for furniture is such a personal endeavor. There are so many considerations and, if you’re sharing a home, so many compromises to make. But taking the time results in a beautiful, comfortable home that works with how you live and represents who you are. I’m a Hayes!