When you Wish Upon a Website

Have I mentioned how great our website is? We talk a lot in these posts about the showroom experience, as if the website and showroom were two distinct channels, but the truth is they overlap. Working with customers usually involves a collaboration, so to speak, between Design Associate and website. Often clients come in to see firsthand something they viewed on Roomandboard.com. Throughout the engagement, Design Associates will return to the website to reference custom pricing, look up sectional components, print tear sheets and grab article numbers. After a client takes delivery, I even send them a link to the Product Care section of the website to help them maintain their new furniture for years to come.

An amped up Wishlist is the newest development for Roomandboard.com, and I am certain this will not only change how we work with clients, but enhance the experience. The new wishlist capabilities allow us to create multiple wishlists for a single client catagorized by room. You can then view the items in each room in a traditional list format, or you can view larger images of the products all grouped together like a mood board.

Customers can and will do this on their own, but I have a feeling we’ll be doing some of this together in the showroom. It’s a handy way for us to give clients a quick visual of their room design, and another example of how Design Associates and the website can work in tandem to create an exceptional experience for our clients.