Preparing for Spring

We are anxiously waiting for spring to arrive in Minnesota. Right now it seems we could be buried in a never ending winter. Dana, our Director of Customer Experience, spent the day in our store yesterday and part of the visit was to brainstorm on our accessory area to give it a fresh and Spring-like revision. We are always trying to figure out how to engage our customers to feel comfortable “shopping” our beautiful accessory area.

We are also preparing for the arrival of the first wave of our new Boston Associates. We will be training the Design Associates for the new store starting at the end of March. Because it will be a fairly large group there will be three facilitators per day with four people per group. The logistics are important and we are having a few meetings to ensure a smooth and meaningful training experience for a brand new store.

Our experience with the Seattle store-opening team was so incredibly memorable and rich that we still feel a deep bond with them. We hope to create a similar experience with the Boston team that will launch them toward success. I can speak for myself when I say that I love being a facilitator. I totally enjoy meeting new and delightful people and I love showing them what a wonderful company this is.