Stop on by…

Last week I had an opportunity to meet one of the new Design Associates recently hired to start in our Boston showroom, set to open this summer. C was visiting a college friend in San Francisco and had never been in a Room & Board showroom prior to his visit last week. He was blown away with how our showroom presents our furniture to our customers. I could see the excitement building in him for his new position.

I strongly recommend visiting a showroom near you if you are considering a job with Room & Board. The entire experience that we strive to wow our customers with is very evident and you will gain further insight into what Room & Board’s showroom standards are like.

I would also recommend visiting other furniture retailers’ locations as well so you can speak to the differences in presentation and information displayed. I recently stopped by the new DWR showroom in San Francisco’s design district and it really struck me that not a lot of information was accompanying their furniture. You can look at a Room & Board price tag for a sofa and find out its exterior and interior dimensions, seat and arm height, what’s in the cushioning, what the fabric is made of, where the sofa is made and of course, its cost! In addition to all that information, there’s a tag beneath that top tag that lets the customer know the pricing of the piece in another group fabric and whether or not it can be ordered in leather.