Summer educating in winter

It is no secret most of the country has experienced a colder than usual winter this year, and New York City is no exception. Still shivering in our cold-weather gear, the water cooler conversation at Room & Board SoHo frequently ends with an “Enough already!” or “I can’t take it anymore!” But, as with each year passed, spring will somehow manage to squeeze its way through winter’s frosty grasp; before we know it, we will eagerly, and gratefully, shed our puffy coats and shearling boots to take to the rooftops and terraces, backyards and front decks, to soak up some well-earned vitamin D. In preparation for the summer fun – and summer selling – the Outdoor Education Team, of which I am part, has been separating fact from fiction about all things outdoor, and over the course of a week, we will impart it all to our fellow Design Associates.

Now, I am no outdoor furniture expert. On the contrary, discussing outdoor furniture generally leaves me longing for a lounge chair, a mojito and an obscene amount of sunshine. Still, revisiting our collection after so many snowy months has been fun and wonderfully challenging. It is also a reminder that, as a Room & Board Design Associate, I am not just a singular entity solely responsible for selling and providing design advice to customers: I work as part of a collaborative team; a team within which I am asked to fulfill many roles for the betterment of the whole and, in turn, the elevation of our customer’s shopping experience.

It is an awesome thing to work for a company that challenges me to step outside my comfort zone to be a constant problem solver, collaborator and communicator. A day at work is never a mindless venture: It is an opportunity to develop, stay engaged and interact with co-workers and customers alike, even when the freezing rain is falling outside.