Open to Change

I think that I am going to choose to be open to change that can and will occur here at Room & Board if I allow it. For most of my working life, I have been in leadership positions. But, if I’m honest with myself, I’m not sure I ever once felt truly qualified. I always felt as if I was a bit of a sham. Smoke and mirrors so to speak. Perhaps the biggest challenge I face at Room & Board is allowing that fear and insecurity to be broken down and then rebuilt with the message of integrity that helps frame in our Priorities & Measures.

At Oak Brook, for our Priorities and Measures Action Plan, one of the final notes is that the measures listed out are not static. Here’s what I find fascinating and heartwarming. If those measures are truly not static, then we have to be honest enough to admit that they are then not perfect. But here’s the thing, (drum roll and huge reveal) neither am I. And it’s ok to let that be exactly what it is.