Seattle Showroom Design Challenge!

Seattle Design Challenge

Our team in Seattle recently did a Design Challenge exercise. This was a way for us to get some fresh ideas on how to combine pieces from our collection while also learning more about new additions to the Room & Board assortment. We drew slips of paper from three categories. The first would tell us if we had a “high” or “low” budget to work with. “High” could be any amount, but “low” meant that we needed to stay under $5,000. The second slip of paper told us what type of space (living, dining, bedroom) we were working with. The last gave us a style (Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Asian, Modern, etc.) to use as our inspiration.

There weren’t too many specifics beyond working within the parameters drawn: we had to use Icovia to build a floor plan in the computer, include treatments from our Custom Window assortment, and use at least one item that was new for 2014. I got “High Shaker Living” and ended up with a room filled with over $40,000 worth of Room & Board product. Amazingly enough, another Design Associate managed to get above $60,000 with her room! I found this to be a great way to famiarize myself with items that I hadn’t spent much time with yet and ended up using Camilla Sofas with Berkeley Cocktail and Console Tables.

Everyone put together a board of their ideas and we posted them on the wall in the break room (see photo). Exercises like this are a great way to keep busy during the occasional lulls in the showroom. It was really great to see how everyone collaborated with one another for ideas and advice as we planned out our rooms. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to be surrounded by–we work hard every day here in the showroom, but we also like to have fun!