Embracing Imperfection

What strikes me about our Guiding Principles and our Priorities & Measures is that they in and of themselves are simply conversations. We talk and we listen, and then we talk some more. Through all of this, dialogue occurs. So often, with past jobs, the companies I worked for had well-worded, concise and imperative mission statements. But here’s the thing, as well intentioned as many of those were, my voice (or anyone else’s for that matter) was never asked to participate in the making of that statement. I was expected to adhere to its points (understandably), but in the end, it really amounted to a monologue — a response to someone else’s point of view.

If I allow myself to grow and be refined through my interactions and conversations with those around me, then the perfectionist in me has to be ok with not seeking perfection. If I’m going to give up the maddening pursuit of perfection, then what exactly does my goal become? How about authenticity?

There is no perfect mission statement or perfect Design Associate review meeting (what would that even look like, anyway?). So what is it like to let yourself be refined through your interactions with your peers? Humbling. Period. However, if I’m vulnerable enough to let my interactions and conversations with my peers bring to light my imperfections, my sometimes messy humanity, and those moments where I think to myself “um, really? get a grip,” then also the achievements, the celebrations and the “a-ha” moments also get brought out into the light. The process is by no means perfect, but I’m not sure I would have it any other way.