Customer Experience

It is no secret working in a retail environment can often feel hectic, thankless and quite exhausting. At Room & Board SoHo, sofas get squished, fabrics go flying and decorative pillows get dispersed in the oddest of places. Still, there is something which keeps me coming back each day; something other than the paycheck, my co-workers, a love for the company and the beautiful furniture. What keeps me coming back are the customers; the feeling I get when I’m able to connect with a stranger in a meaningful way; the knowing I’ve made a small impact on the daily happiness and comfort they return home to at the end of a long day.

As a five-day Design Associate, I am asked to fulfill many different jobs and tasks other than floor planning, sofa selling and pillow fluffing. Notably, I am also part of the Customer Experience team. As a Customer Experience liaison, I assist in planning the yearly education calendar, which works to keep Design and Leadership Associates up-to-date on product and company changes and advancements; changes and advancements which always work to elevate our customers’ experience. I am also in charge of monitoring our customers’ experiences through the weekly “Tell Us What You Think” survey results we receive.

After a customer has received a delivery in their home, they are given the opportunity, through an email survey, to tell us what they think about their Room & Board experience. Fielding these responses has become one of my favorite parts about my job. It is incredibly rewarding to not only read and share the positive feedback our Design Associates receive from customers, but to also have the chance to turn someone’s less than stellar experience into a great one. Just as one of our Guiding Principles states: Building relationships with our customers and helping them create homes they love, gives us great satisfaction. When we can share this passion with individuals with whom we enjoy working, there is nothing better!