Training the Boston Employees

It has been a few weeks since I have thought about writing. We are moving toward our 4th week of training the 1st group from the new Boston team. We have had a week to catch up and collect ourselves as the 2nd Boston group will arrive the 1st week of May.

It has been busy, energizing, exciting and a renewal of enthusiasm working with our new friends from Boston. I have often stated how much I enjoy exposing new employees to the many facets of what we do every day. There is an amazing amount of information to pass on. Our whole staff is involved in either facilitation or support on the showroom floor. When we are in training mode, we are asked to do nothing else. It is taken very seriously. We are all proud of what we sell, how we do business and customer service. We are always amazed at the quality of people that our Human Resources department uncovers. We are such a diverse company but the caliber of the people we hire never ceases to wow me. It has been fun.