Pets Shop at Room & Board Too!

Proud New Owner of a Sheepskin Rug

I had a fun interaction with a customer in the showroom today that I wanted to share since it included taking this adorable snapshot. A woman was looking at our smaller sheepskin rugs as a way to freshen up a white leather sofa she has owned for a while. She had her little dog with her, and once she found a sheepskin she preferred out of the several I had to show, her cute little dog then had to investigate it and promptly made herself at home.

Our showroom gets a decent amount of folks who will bring their pets along. I’ve seen a variety of sizes and breeds of dogs accompanying their owners on shopping trips and even, once, a cat riding on a gentleman’s shoulders. Complimenting a customer on their pet often ends up turning into a great and engaging experience. In this case, the woman I helped left carrying her sheepskin rug and had a scheduled delivery date for a new bed she will be surprising her son with next week!